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Sellan A/L Raju
57 years old

After paying a visit to the patient’s house, I feel the patient should receive aid from MAKNA as serious financial circumstances have prevented him from obtaining adequate treatment and health care.

The patient is the breadwinner of the family. Since February 2005, he has been forced to take unpaid leave in order to receive treatment from HKL. According to his wife, he was admitted to the Klang Hospital after he was involved in an accident which resulted in the fracture of two ribs. While he was in the ward, the doctor diagnosed him as suffering from NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA. He requires follow-up treatment every month. An interview with the HKL Medical Welfare Officer has revealed that the patient cannot afford to pay for the cost of treatment.

The patient’s wife is a full-time homemaker. They have six children. Two of the children have been disabled since infancy and both live with the patient. The other four children are married but live with the family. Unfortunately, rather than assisting the patient, the children add to his troubles. The eldest son and his wife, who have a child, create various problems for the patient, while the whereabouts of the patient’s fifth child is unknown. Moreover, there are constant quarrels among the siblings as they fight for the bedroom. The patient expressed his anguish and stress due to his family situation.

s.a. Ramesh

I feel very lucky indeed for the opportunity to visit Sellan. The experience has opened my eyes and I will use it to help cancer patients as far as possible. I was disturbed by a few incidents at the patient’s house. Among them were the behaviour of the two disabled children, the family situation, the living conditions and the lament of the patient and his wife. As I was leaving the patient’s house I heard squabbles among the children. The mother said, “This is all the food we have for today, be careful.” When I reflect on the family’s hardships. I realise how fortunate I am. May God bless the patient and his family.

written by Ramesh Subramaniam, 2006


The patient's wife with the two disabled children and grandchild.

Kobu, one of the disabled children,
cries when a Makna officer touches him.

Patient's living condition.


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