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 Institut Kanser MAKNA-PPUKM
 Wad Onkologi Tengku Ampuan
 Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
 Sub Basement Radio Therapy
Wad Oncologi Tengku Ampuan Afzan is a ward that caters to patients receiving treatment for cancer, especially chemotherapy. The ward has 28 beds which included two isolation rooms. There are 14 beds for male patients and another 14 for female patients, all done in cubicle style. Patients with low immunity and with contagious disease are placed in the isolation rooms.

Types of Treatment

1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the process of using anti-cancer drugs to stop cells from dividing and multiplying. It is used when the cancer has spread to other organs. Chemotherapy is administered via three methods.
  • Oral
  • Intravenous
    >> Bolus chemotherapy - given through injections for 30 to 45 minutes.
    >> Infused chemotherapy - given through intravenous drips (2 hours)
  • Injections
    >> intramuscular

2. Radiotherapy

This method uses high dosage radiation specially to kill the cancer cells of the organ treated. It is not painful and takes only a few minutes. This treatment is done either externally or internally.

3. Concurrent Treatment (Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy)

Refers to a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for a specific period of time.

4. Brachytherapy (Internal Radiotherapy)

This treatment uses a radioactive source at close range, either from a sealed source placed close to the location of the cancer or directly in the cancer of the organ involved.

5. Palliative Care

This is a form of medical care or treatment that concentrates on reducing the severity of symptoms. Administration is focused more towards personal care.


Patients admitted to the Tengku Ampaun Afzan Oncology Ward are not through direct admissions. Rather, they are patients from the radiotherapy and Oncology clinic of PPUKM, the Accident and Emergency Unit or referred to from hospitals or clinics outside PPUKM. However, they are required to obtain approval from a Specialist or Medical Doctor from the Radiotherapy and Oncology Ward.

Ward Operations

Radiotherapy treatments are dispensed daily for five days a week and patients are given leave on Saturdays and Sundays. For patients undergoing chemotherapy, treatment is given to the regime as instructed by the Medical Office on duty.

Brachytherapy treatment on the other hand, is given once a week for three consecutive weeks to the patients. For those receiving palliative care, treatment will be administered according to their symptoms. When eventually discharged by the Medical Officer, they are referred to HOSPICE Malaysia (special case who needs special attention).


Staffing consists of:
Oncologist : 2
Medical Officer : 2
Nursing Manager : 1
Nursing Sister : 1
Staff Nurse : 15
Assistant Nurse : 1
Ward Clerk : 1
Medical Attendant: 7
Cleaners : 1


Tengku Ampuan Afzan Oncology Ward / Wad Onkologi Tengku Ampuan Afzan


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